Sunday, October 5, 2014

Facebook Fans - Why Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

Are you investing time and energy in growing your fan base on Facebook? Why? It's probably because you are hoping to increase the traffic to your website or the sales of your product or service. Right?

Well, there are many different ways to use Facebook to build your business, and page fans play a big role in the process. But it's important to note that having a huge number of fans on Facebook doesn't necessarily mean you are on the road to success. Because when it comes to fan, it's the quality of tightly focused fans rather than the overall quantity of fans that matters.

Think about it this way: any business can easily get as many fans as it wants by running ads or encouraging people to opt-in using a giveaway, contest, or other "ethical" bribe. But if you want to actually realize notable conversions from fans to customers, well you really have to get in the mindset of valuing active, engaged fans over having 10,000 fans who aren't really participating in the conversation or engaging with you, with your other fans, or with your content.

 What's important here is that if we can get engaging fans or active fans to your fan page, the there's a much higher potential of converting those fans into potential sales. And that's ultimately why your business is on Facebook in the first place.

 So the focus needs to be on quality fans who resonate with your message and your content. Once you increase your fan engagement, then you can invest in effectively moving the conversation on to getting them to open their wallets and make a purchase.

Facebook marketing, after all, is no different from any other platform for marketing. You need to identify and create a strong relationship with the right audience before you can get them to invest anything with your business. If you're selling wine, after all, you don't want to be attracting people who don't drink alcohol. And if you are a family therapist, you sure don't want to be marketing to singles.

So you need to invest in building the right sort of fans for your page in order to get the highest return on your investment.

Here's the proven Facebook formula:
 1) Get the RIGHT people to your Facebook fan page
 2) Get them engaged
 3) Make sure that you're posting content that promotes engagement on a frequent basis
 4) Post occasionally with an opportunity or offer Pretty simple, isn't it? So before you invest another minute or run another ad campaign to grow your fan base for your Facebook page, make sure you're focusing on quality over quantity.

 Now that you know... put it into action: Do you want to learn how you can take your new knowledge even further?

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