Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Use Social Media to Increase Sales

There are still many individuals who are apprehensive about using social media  when setting up a business, however nowadays, online networking advertising has turned into a standard method of promotion. This applies to both people and organizations, so it would be unwise to dismiss social platforms when choosing your business strategy.

While social media marketing has its naysayers, there is much evidence that the use of social media for advertising has gone mainstream, and is highly effective for pushing your brand and promoting your products and services. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a critical part of today's standard business strategy.

Because there are so many people and businesses using social networks these days, social media provides affordable access to a wide range of markets, that could be considered when setting up a social media campaign.

When using social media it is important to find out the sweet spot when it comes to the use of various platforms.  Over use of social media can sometimes become annoying, and may result in losing followers.  But if you can get it right, social media can be a valuable tool for reaching potential customers before a product or brand is even launched.

Before a grand opening or launch of a product, a Facebook fan page can be opened to create interest in the brand or product being launched, and this can create interest both locally and wider afield. Update the page daily with valuable content and interest titbits to keep followers interested in what you have to offer.  This will create excitement and enthusiasm prior to launch date.  This can be especially effective when targeting local markets because the local event is will often create some buzz amongst local friends.

Once an excited and enthusiastic customer base is established the potential to convert interest to sales is much greater.  In addition, you can then send people to your main website, and start promoting using advertising.

For additional support for your campaign, consider using Twitter and Instagram which have different capabilities to Facebook. Twitter is great for reaching a large audience fast, and Instagram offers a hybrid of images and the capacity to reach a large number of people fast. Using Instagram you can use images to showcase your new products and brand, as well as your other products.

The thing about social media that makes it worth serious consideration for any business, is that it makes it so easy for businesses to reach their target audiences, and to create excitement about the business brand and products at the same time.  Social media is a terrific strategy for any business, and should never be disregarded by any business just starting out.

Even just creating a Facebook fan page, is a great strategy that could have potentially outstanding results.So if you want sales, consider using social media for first reaching your target audience, then creating interest and then converting that interest into sales.


  1. I think creating and maintaining Google+ page is more important than Facebook - Google+ helps with SEO and better search engine rankings. I do agree with the rest, though - social media really is an invaluable tool when it comes to networking.

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