Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Facebook Popularity Amongst Teens Is Back on Track

It seemed like Facebook was losing a little bit of popularity for a while with teenagers and this was starting to be noticeable in the trends that occurred in this particular social media platform. The truth is that there is a never ending fluctuation of traffic that can change in a second and this is something all social media platforms have to deal with. The crucial thing is that the latest numbers show that there is an increase in the popularity of Facebook amongst teenagers now.

The reasons why this kind of number fluctuation occurs is that you can't really control how the public responds to certain updates that are made in the numerous platforms available. One day they move to X place because they introduced a certain feature and the next they go back to the place they left behind because they also incorporated that feature plus a little something extra.

It just seems like the social media wars are always going to be in high gear and not even the colossal Facebook will be safe from being ranked down in popularity if they get careless with their updates. The social media phenomenon forces developers to be in constant red alert and looking for the best ways to develop new ideas and also incorporate anything that is relevant in other places while adding their own twist to it. That is the key to a successful business and social media sites are exactly that.

There are literally dozens of social media platforms trying to compete to reach a higher place in the rankings and some of them are grabbing a lot of attention from the public. This means that Facebook is not only having to worry about the closest contenders like Twitter and Google Pus, but also about smaller new comers that are coming out of nowhere with great ideas and excellent features. Many teenagers seem to be attracted to the latest tends even if they come from smaller sites. The younger audiences are the most unpredictable but they play a key factor in how a social media site evolves.

It's obvious that 99% of teenagers that visit social networks are there to waste time with games, gossip and general fun, but this turns them into the perfect target for publicity and for those who are on the networks looking for clients. There is no way to deny the power of consumption that comes from teenagers this days, especially now that so many of them have credit cards and access to PayPal accounts amongst other payment methods available. The most important things to remember about the interaction with social media and teenagers is that those are the people who will eventually be using the networks for business purposes, so it's always good practice for the sites to keep them happy.

New features are launched every day and new apps or designs are modified and created too. With social media being almost a decade old, it still seems like we are very early in the game as far as what will happen and who will be on the top of the ranks a few years from now. So far things are still looking great for Facebook, but you never know when a network could come up with a truly amazing and innovative idea that will shake even the most solid foundations in the business. Only time will tell, but the best thing is to keep an eye opener as a marketer to see which ones are the most useful for your particular purposes.

By    Award Winning Social Media Consultant, UK

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