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Monday, December 29, 2014

Can Social Media Intelligence Really Help Your Business?

The answer is yes! But first let's understand what social media intelligence is all about. It is essentially the information or data that is gathered from various social media sites relevant to a particular business (both intrusive and non-intrusive). For small and medium sized businesses, can be a beacon of light to guide them through various business related decisions.

The next step is to use the correct tools and knowledge to apply the available information in a relevant manner. Let's look at some of the ways the businesses can use this data to make their decisions.

Audience selection

Any kind of business would require knowing their audience thoroughly to execute the proper campaigns. Using the correct tools is the first step towards this. For example, through Facebook Insights, one can gather enough market intelligence along with social media intelligence to gain information like the age, gender and general preferences of a potential consumer. This information will, in turn, help the business to target the right kind of audience for their product and focus their campaigns accordingly.

A soft drinks company launched a drink in 2009 and soon saw that young men loved the product while women were having mixed opinion and were not particularly fond of it. They found that young girls and women expressed their disdain freely on social media sites. Through this market intelligence, they slowly found out that they were actually opposed to the TV ad promoting the product, and not the product itself. The company, thus, changed their campaign accordingly to better target the respective audience.
With proper social media intelligence at your disposal, you can also locate your audience and understand where the best engagement is coming from to make better decisions. For example, Hootsuite's link shortener, ow.ly, will allow you to track the number of clicks you are receiving from your links.

Understand audience sentiment

Another advantage that comes with gathering enough market intelligence from social media sites is to track what your consumers think about your product or service overall. This can be done on various platforms, be it Facebook or Twitter. Consumers, these days, resort to various digital platforms like these and express their opinions on the products they use. These opinions also become a point of decision for other consumers who wish to buy that product or utilize the service. Thus, to avoid losing any potential customer, businesses can screen these comments, likes, and opinions and take the necessary steps. This kind of information will provide a business with the proper guidance on how to plan its next move to provide better service.

Engaging the audience

Creating a successful business is all about making the client feel valued. And nothing does it better than putting in a personal touch. With the proper social media intelligence at your disposal, you can arrange for events that will not only promote your product, but also give you an idea as to which section of the audience to target next. Social media intelligence helps you identify the sort of events that are likely to engage the highest number of customers- be it a poll, or a giveaway, or some sort of contest. A case in point is the recent launch of smartphones by Xiaomi. The brand, which is virtually unknown outside of China, managed to sell a few million devices in just a few months by the simple method of promoting the product via social media and making it mandatory for customers to register to obtain the product. Not only did it help generate a huge amount of publicity, it also made it possible for the company to estimate beforehand the sort of figures it was looking at.
Thus, social media intelligence is the way to go for any business that aims at targeting the right audience. After all, it is publicity that sells the product. With the right sort of intelligence at your disposal, you will know just how to create the right sort of noises.

by Reeya Bose

Article source: http://goarticles.com/article/Can-Social-Media-Intelligence-Really-Help-Your-Business/9929776/

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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Biggest Change

Friday, December 19, 2014

Using Social Media To Make Official Communication Informal

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Social Media is a buzz word that everyone wants the opportunity of being a part. But many people are very skeptical on the impression it may have on a serious customer about the positioning and image of a business. Social Media Websites are often seen as informal and unofficial hangouts for people and businesses alike. In the recent past more businesses are seeing social media as a tool to reach out to their target market where they are most likely to be noticed. This article highlights some ways in which businesses use social media in an official capacity, yet maintaining a friendly and informal approach.

Customer Support

We know many businesses who use Twitter and Facebook to provide customers with constant updates about their service. A world famous DNS and Proxy service uses Twitter to Report Service Outages across their global data centers. The company posts frequent tweets about maintenance and migration activities and also posts brief updates on server faults and restoration. Some Hardware and Laptop manufacturers now offer technical support on Social Media websites. They handle customer grievances and also provide contact details of their nearest service centers through tweets or posts. Many banks and financial institutions constantly provide safety tips and security reminders to their customers. While these reminders can be annoying for some, the constant nagging may really help people to take security of their account seriously. Although this type of support maybe limited only to forwarding the complaint to the concerned technical team, it offers the customer a quick and easy way to get support by short circuiting a lengthy support process. This can be pleasing for the customer, but can be quite a task for the company to manage.

New Product Launches

A famous Automobile Manufacturer has started posting inside updates and a sneak preview of their latest designer cars. In past years they used to "leak" this information only to a few car magazines which demanded a high price which only a few could afford. Running a teaser campaign for a new product can be done best on social networks, especially due to their brevity and instant nature. You can slowly release bit by bit of the campaign and let it unfold instantly. The beauty of it is that you will be able to get instant feedback about the response and how well it has been received so that you can plan your next campaign or next revelation accordingly. This can also be detrimental to your image if you run a lousy campaign or do a shabby job. You will immediately know whether your campaign was a success or a failure. This is something only possible with social media. In the past many companies have successfully created a pre-launch hype on social media to attract the attention of potential customers.

Informal Banter

Many companies indulge in small talk and entertain inquisitive visitors to their pages or feeds to keep
their page active and buzzing. While a bit of such informal talk is fine, when businesses go on a tangent on Social Media, it can get quite intolerable for the people following or subscribing to their updates. Sharing a joke or running a riddle campaign can be quite interesting and may generate a lot of publicity for your business if done well.

Educative Material

Pushing out educative material or academically interesting content can give your business a well needed boost. It not only creates more content for search engines to index, but it also shows your customers and prospective clients how much of relevant knowledge you have about your business. Almost all large corporations either have a YouTube Channel, or Blog or Facebook Page or Twitter Feed constantly buzzing with useful information which is aimed at catching the eye of a potential customer.

By By  
Article Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Using-Social-Media-To-Make-Official-Communication-Informal&id=8849669

Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 Tips for Making Social Media Marketing Work

For businesses today, it's not uncommon to have multiple social media accounts, across various platforms. For any business wanting to be at the top of their game, it's a must. Unfortunately, many businesses are lacking the ability to utilize their accounts to their full potential.

Business that are not online-based can find social media marketing especially difficult to navigate. Traditionally, marketing has been all about pushing products and the newest thing. In today's increasingly social environment, this simply doesn't work anymore.

If you want to get past those product-centric tweets and self-advertising status updates, try these five ways of making your social media marketing more successful:

1. Link your accounts and promote.
Social media accounts can all be linked together, so if you're posting on one account, you can easily post across all your other ones. Social media platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow an easy, one button sharing system so you can make sure all your accounts are being utilized with every post. It may seem funny to tweet to your Facebook account, but everything is interconnected now and people will be able to see where else they can follow you. Adding your online social media information to your printed or digital correspondence, including business cards, will also expand your reach.

2. Don't turn yourself into a spammer.
It's good to post on a steady and regular basis, but don't overdo it. Posting constantly will make your newsfeed look more like spam and followers may end up deserting you. Anything over three or four posts a day is bordering on over posting, and you need to make sure that all your posts have something useful in them for the followers, not just a product advertisement.
3. Inform and provide value.
Instead of trying to get followers to buy something, show them why they should. Rather than selling to them in every post, give them some content with value in it, and explain to them what your product can do to help them or how it can make their lives easier. Showing them is better than telling them, and informing them is a step in the right direction. They will start to believe that you care about them, rather than just their spending dollars.

4. Interact with your clients & potential clients.
Successful social media means actually being social with your followers and customers. Answer questions in a timely manner, and with more than just a one-word response. Be polite and helpful, and don't forget that even comments can be responded to. Never before have businesses had the ability to have such an open line of communication with their customers, and the customer is the one checking in. Being able to give your customers personal attention and high quality responses is an amazing opportunity that's not to be wasted.

5. Stick around and be consistent.
Your competitors aren't going anywhere, so if you take time off, they will get ahead of the game. Effective social media marketing is consistent. If you go away and come back a month later, your followers may have left you to follow more active businesses.
Keeping your followers engaged and your social media accounts active can be time consuming but it's an integral part of social media marketing. If you are struggling with it, don't give up and let your accounts dry up -- consider hiring a social media marketing freelancer until you can pick things up again.

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By  Denise Dukett.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Denise_Dukette

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