Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Use Google Plus for Business?

Google Plus is a valuable tool for business promotion and marketing.  And given that each time you log onto your Youtube channel or your Gmail account Google is going to hassle you to set one up, you may as well set one up. Obviously, you may not have a Gmail account or a Youtube account. However, even if you never  intend to open either type of account, you should still consider Google Plus for marketing your business.

Google is attempting to get all its users to sign up for all the Google services, such as Gmail, YouTube, Calendar,Drive and Blogger.  And, when considering the prevalence & usefulness of each type of Google account, this is not such a bad idea.  Gmail is very popular and respected email service. Youtube is the greatest video offering site out there. Drive is extraordinary for file sharing. Calendar is ideal for organizations that need to impart work plans. Blogger is a decent blog website. And Google search, is the highest ranking website on the internet.

All of Google services are useful, and freely available to use for personal or business purposes.  But why have a Google + account? Because all you need to sign up for a Google + is a Gmail account, and because it is extremely easy to manage and attract other Google + users to your site. However, Google + is not as popular as  Facebook.

In order to persuade Google users to utilize the Google Plus platform, Google recently introduced a dashboard when enables users to manage their business profile, their business address on Google maps and manage their YouTube channel.

Google Search is the most mainstream search engine online and is the most lucrative of all the free to use sites online.  By establishing and keeping an up to date business Google Plus page, it will help your business rank well in Google's search engine, and, if you link your website to the Google Plus page it should follow that your website will also rank well.

Google Plus has a number of great features that e gimmicks and the dashboard. With Google plus you can post a wide variety of content while using #hashtags to encourage discussion. You can follow, +1 (or Like) and interact easily while potentially attracting new customers to your business. it is also easy to join groups that are relevant to your business, and use 'Hangouts' to run webinars or video conferences.

Although Google plus has great features, and is reported to have over 500 million account holders, it does not appear to be that many users are actively maintaining their Google Plus page. 

So while Google Plus is useful to have, it may be best to put more time and effort into other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, for promoting your business.

Given the reasons already stated, it is a great idea to keep a Google Plus business page, and should the use of Google Plus start to really gain favor, by the millions of Google users, it is a great asset to have that you can access promptly.


  1. I'm not a big fan of Blogger but I love Gmail and I couldn't imagine my life without it now. And I agree about Google+ - it might not seem as good as other social media websites, such as Twitter, at first and it might take a while for you to build up your readership but it's essential for businesses to have a G+ page.