Thursday, July 9, 2015

Enhanced Potential Gains Using Facebook and Twitter Integration

Modern technologies today are assisting aggressive business owners and marketers via Facebook and Twitter, although some businesses may encounter a certain degree of inefficiency when they attempt to market across social networks. With the availability of advanced software and online marketing features in the market on social media platforms, businesses today are able to reap higher profits with greater traffic volume and better bottom lines as they seek to integrate the best of Facebook and Twitter to improve their online marketing strategies.
It is not surprising that businesses are discovering more benefits from Facebook and Twitter combined than individually to enjoy more cost savings and wider market presence. These social media networks are progressive with technologies to keep pace with the demands of consumers and fans. Customized apps are readily developed for these social media platforms which can be easily integrated to be workable on both. Businesses now can promote their brands on both these social media platforms easily with lots of savings when one online marketing strategy or campaign is activated.

Ways to Utilize Integration
Many business owners and marketers may wish to confirm the ways in which an integration of Facebook and Twitter marketing components or strategies can be of greater benefit. One such way is an update of business offerings such as products or services to all fans on both social media networks. An individual update would be time consuming and costly while an integrated application on both social networks would activate a simultaneous update that is quicker and more efficient. This would ensure a single customer list without missing out any customer or potential lead.
Business notifications that require mass posting to the large volumes of customers in the database with pictures and videos can be efficiently handled with an integrated social media application that would boost the marketing campaign process and outcome. An individual social site page update with a long customer list may be very time consuming.
When business updates are quickly sent out to customers and potential leads, businesses can activate their latest marketing campaign to gain profits in a shorter time frame than when these social media sites marketing activities are handled individually which doubles the time. Hence, a good integration of these social media networks allows a quick update on all business posts automatically and quickly to enhance the efficiency of the business in every aspect. This would also bring about a better image of the business entity where customers are happier with the faster and more efficient service.
Businesses utilizing an integrated social media marketing solution enjoy more time and greater savings on marketing the products and services while establishing a better brand and image in the marketplace. A wider and deeper scope of socialization is achieved among fans and followers whose confidence in the brand increases. A proper social media network integration allows businesses to manage their social status and profile professionally to ensure a consistent update and display to their fans and followers who are potential or current customers.
Such social media network integration promises more business leads from higher traffic to the web business site via a single business app that can run on both social platforms. Customized apps are easy to develop and deploy to manage the business processes and marketing endeavors for higher gains. This includes gathering and engaging fans for the latest business updates and attractive offers which benefit.
Other customized social apps include links to the web business site from Facebook and Twitter to monitor traffic flow and volume with specific statistics and information on sources and demographics. This is usually helpful for business marketers to plan and generate more dynamic marketing strategies to attract more web traffic and sales.

Implementing Workable Tools
Both Facebook and Twitter have user friendly icons that can be manipulated to enhance any social media marketing campaign when placed strategically on the web business site although there are no hard and fast rules on placements. Strategic locations of such icons would prompt website visitors to activate the desired actions such as opt-in.
These social media platforms also offer varied exciting plug-ins to ensure a smooth integration for an enhanced marketing campaign involving both networks. Simple installations are possible with the right plug-ins to activate a successful integration.
Another effective workable marketing tool in an integrated Facebook and Twitter marketing campaign is sponsored ads on the web business news site where greater exposure on user profiles would be generated in identifying preferred demographics. There is a need to secure the most engaging ads on these social media platforms to attract potential leads quickly for higher income generation and market visibility. This can happen through dynamic marketing strategies that entice web consumers. Business marketers can include freebies and online contests with attractive prizes to draw in the web crowd to the brand and website.
It is easier for business marketers to interact with their fans and followers regularly on an integrated social media platform than individually. Both social platforms have exciting and dynamic features for such interactions which could include emails, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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