Thursday, March 5, 2015

Warning Signs You Are Wasting Time and Energy in Your Social Media Marketing

We've all been there. Someone told us we needed to have our business promoted in social media, so we opened up Facebook and Twitter accounts and started posting stuff. But then, we discovered the awful truth... nobody cared.

So the next logical step was to go out and find some people who might care. We asked our family, friends, and maybe even a few customers to start following us. But, as you might have experienced yourself, the results didn't change.

It can be downright frustrating. Think you might be wasting your time and energy on social media? Here are some warning signs you might just be (and what you should do to fix it):
1) You don't have an audience for your business.
Social media is a two way street. That's why it's called "social." If you don't have an audience there, then you are talking to thin air, and that certainly is a waste. But it can't be just any audience, it needs to be an audience that wants to hear your message.
2) You haven't created content that resonates with your audience's interests or needs.
Often times you have the right audience in place, but you fill your social media content with material that just doesn't matter to them.
3) You haven't asked for your audience's engagement or included calls to action.
If you do figure out how to share relevant content with your audience, you still don't manage to leverage the opportunity into a sale by giving them direction or asking them to buy something from you.

So how can you avoid wasting your time and energy, and actually use social media to your advantage?

The first step is to know what you want to get out of your efforts, so you have a better idea of what to put into it. By putting specific goals in place, you can create measurable outcomes, and be better about creating the right sort of content to realize those outcomes.
Be clear, simple, and provide great value.
Next, you want to create simple rules for your content. Develop a template for the content you produce, and be sure to keep it relevant, simple, and provide clear direction to your audience on how to engage... and how to buy from you.
Finally, be consistent.
If you want to get out and stay out of your social media rut, make certain to be consistent about producing great content.
So how are you going to get started?
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