Saturday, September 13, 2014

Social Media, International Reach, and Increased Spending

Are you a small business owner with the big goal of reaching an international audience? While it may be a challenge to sign on customers from other parts of the world, this is not nearly as difficult as it once was.
Thanks in large part to social media, you now have the chance to expand your international reach, showing prospects in other parts of the world that you have what it takes to provide them with the best product or service for their company.

Don't believe this to be true? Consider the following: Facebook recently announced that it has 100 million users in Africa. This may be a drop in the hat when compared to other parts of the world, such as the United States, but it shows that the opportunity to connect internationally is greater than ever before. The more people who use social media sites in other parts of the world the easier it becomes to connect with them on a business to business level. Sticking with the international talk, a recent study by Conference Genie shows that small and mid-size businesses in many UK industries are getting involved with social media marketing at a higher rate. Here are some interesting stats from the study:

Travel, retail, and technology companies noted that they would spend the most money on marketing as 2014 comes to an end 71 percent of companies surveyed in the fitness and health industry believe that social media is a cost efficient way to promote their business. Half of retail industry companies surveyed showed concern about engaging with their audience via Facebook. These are all interesting statistics, as there is a good chance that at least one hits home within your company.

Do you plan on spending more money on social media marketing during the last four months of the year? Do you believe this is a cost effective way to spend your marketing dollars? Do you have concerns about how you connect with your audience? In today's day and age, there is a big time opportunity to expand on an international level.

It can be a challenge to take the first step, but the use of social media will ensure that you are on the right path. Facebook, among other social media sites, are growing in regions throughout the world. This is prompting more and more companies to spend additional time and money on expanding their international reach.

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