Monday, May 4, 2015

2 Reasons to Identify Social Media Goals for Business Success

"Can social media really be of benefit to my business?" is the question that many local businesses have asked me at networking events or when I sit down with them to analyze their online marketing strategies. It is a valid one because although social media is often presented as being free, there is a cost in time to consider, and sometimes an actual cost to have someone manage this area of your business.

Before launching into any social media activities for your business it's important to identify your overall business goals and then define your social media goals as both have to be in alignment, When you know what these goals are you can develop and implement strategies to make sure you're spending time where your market is so that you make relevant connections and increase your results.

What Points to Consider?
One of the significant points to consider centers around the results or outcomes you want to have from your engagement in social media activities. Here are two examples that show why it's important to have clarity on this point.

1) Your goal: Increase sales and revenue. Focus: Improve your brand awareness.
Your method would be create content on a consistent basis as this will give people an in-depth look at what your business is all about and what you can offer them. When you are authentic and consistent, it builds your visibility, credibility, and reputation online. Companies that consistently update their content and engage with their followers are typically thought of as more reliable businesses. Therefore more customers and potential customers and clients may follow or connect with you.
In addition to content, it's a good idea to consider offering incentives, such as a free report, written by you or generated by your business, with content that people would pay for; free samples, or service coupons. One recommendation is that these samples or service coupons should represent your brand rather than be generic Thank You gifts. For a local business with an office or brick and mortar store, this could include inviting them to Like your page (Facebook) and the next time they come in they let you know in exchange for a small gift or a discount. Again it would be good if these represent your brand.

2) Your goal: Social selling to convert social media followers into paying customers. Focus: Provide valuable content that educates and entertains.
A point to keep in mind is that you do not have to create all of this content yourself. You can find content that's written by industry leaders as well as other great content writers and share these on your social media platforms, giving the authors credit.
Your strategy should also include taking your visitors from social media site(s) by inviting them to visit your easy-to-navigate website where they have an opportunity to get to know you even better. Pages such as your product or service page, or your blog should be key areas. Having an optin box with an enticing lead generation offer is another way to achieve results.
So the first step to engaging in social media for your business is to start with a list of goals and clearly identify the steps that you'll need to take to achieve these goals. Social media can be advantageous to your business, yet without proper planning and assessment it can be ineffective. It's essential to clearly define the social media goals for your business.
Many business owners and entrepreneurs find that although they know their business well, it is a challenging process to clearly identify their business goals and even more to define their social media goals, and are uncertain where to start. I invite you to visit my website at and schedule a Breakthrough Strategy Session with me where we can discuss this together so you can have a plan for your business success.

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